Tree Farm Road

Tree Farm Road, and its branch La Lone Road are private and peaceful places to live in the scenic Mohawk Valley in Lane County, Oregon.  Hobby farms andcountry properties are common, but not frequently on the market.  Tree Farm and La Lone Roads are at the eastern edge of the Mohawk River Valley flatlands, and trees are your only neighbors to the northeast.  The area is still close to Eugene and Springfield, with both being only a few minutes away, making for a quick commute.

The Mohawk Valley is east northeast of Springfield and generally follows Marcola Road.  Tree Farm Road takes off from Sunderman Road about midway down its length.  Tree Farm Road actually runs all the way to Camp Creek Road, but a gate is encountered after a mile or two, effectively stopping it.  Similarly for La Lone, it runs to Marcola, via Honeybee Lane, but a gate is encountered pretty quickly.  Sometimes these gates are open during fall hunting season, allowing for passage through the private timber lands, but most often they’re closed.  There are a little over 30 total properties on both roads.  Information on the properties is below.


Tree Farm Road was developed first, with the oldest house dating to the 1935.  No new houses have been built since the 1960s.  La Loan Road development dates back to the 1960s and development has continued until recently.  Property sizes range from under an acre to a little under 10 acres, with around 5 acres and under being especially common.  Values, according to the County, range from about 120K to 3900K.  Sales data from RMLS, over the last 24 months, reveal no actives, pendings or solds; information was current at the time of this posting.

Zoning designations common along the Tree Farm Road area are:  RR10, F2 and EFU.  The area is not within any urban growth boundry, so land development and building permits are controlled by Lane County.  The Tree Farm Road area is in the Springfield School District, and schools are Yolanda, Briggs, and Thurston.  Some, but not much, of the Tree Farm Road area is within the flood plain.  A few of the properties have had their water and/or mineral rights reserved from transactions having occurred in the 1890s.


The area in the Tree Farm Road area was originally settled by two pioneering families a little after 1850, the Gullifords and Hardys.  These families established their original homesteads here, between 1852 and 1855.  Both appear to have come to Oregon via the Oregon trail in 1852.  The original settlers chose the best ground for farming and grazing because their livelihoods depended on it.  Farming and grazing exist to this day along the Tree Farm Road area.

Tree Farm and La Lone Roads are beautiful spots to own real estate.  Buying or selling country property in Lane County can be a challenge, but a good realtor who is familiar with the area can be a great aid to you. If you are interested in real estate along Tree Farm Road or other country properties in Lane County, Oregon, please contact me.  Or you can search listings here.

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