Old Mohawk Road

Old Mohawk Road is a beautiful loop in the scenic Mohawk Valley in Lane County, Oregon.  It is steeped in history, and relatives of the original pioneers still live there.  There are a few farms, but country properties are common, and homes with acreage are popular, but not frequently on the market.   Country properties with both river frontage and valley view are available along Old Mohawk Road.  One especially attractive aspect is that it’s less than 10 minutes to Springfield

The Mohawk Valley is east northeast of Springfield and generally follows Marcola Road through and past the town of Marcola.   Old Mohawk Road loops from Marcola Road, at the intersection with Camp Creek Road, then roughly follows the McKenzie River, and makes a sharp easterly turn before the Mohawk River, which it follows NNE, then returns to Marcola Road.  The length of Old Mohawk Road is about 3 1/4 miles.   Only about 38 properties exist on the Old Mohawk Road area, ranging from 1/3 acre to 90 acres, with parcels a little under 5 acres being the most common.

The County shows the value of properties along Old Mohawk Road from about 114K to over 495K, with a median value of around 240K.  Property Sales data from RMLS over the last 24 months reveal 3 actives, no pendings  and 2 solds.  Most houses along Old Mohawk road were built in the 1950s.  The oldest home dates back to 1910, according to the County.  House sizes range from 640 SF to 4,100 SF, with a median size of about 1,800 SF.  Median house value, according the County, is about $133/SF, at the time of this posting.

Zoning designations common along Old Mohawk Road are:  RR, and EFU.  Old Mohawk Road also has rare Rural Industrial, by the old mill.  It is not within any UGB designation, so land development and building permits are controlled by Lane County.  Old Mohawk Road is in the Springfield School District, and schools are Yolanda, Briggs, and Thurston.

The area around Old Mohawk Road was originally settled by five pioneering families in the mid 1800′s:  The Griffiths, Simmons, Staffords, Ramseys, and Spores.  The Mohawk Valley is indelibly linked to the Spores Family.  Jacob Spores was the third pioneer to live in Lane County, coming here in about 1847, and named the Mohawk Valley because it reminded him of the one in his native New York.  Jacob’s son James Madison Spores moved to Old Mohawk Road, and the homestead is still in the family, 5 or 6 generations later.  Two or three Spores’s children’s graves sit on private property by the BPA tower on the unnamed, but prominent, hill.    Old Mohawk Road has been has been slowly subdivided and built up since the pioneers, with most of the houses being built in the early 1950s.  It isn’t fully built-out, so further building and development is possible, although rare, due to Lane County’s restrictive zoning ordinances.


Interesting features along Old Mohawk Road are:

  • The McKenzie River:  To the west of Old Mohawk Road, the river runs NNW and the road runs NNE.  The McKenzie joins the Mohawk River about 1 mile away onMcKenzie View Drive.
  • The Mohawk River:  Approximately 30 miles long.   The Mohawk has no dams on it and is flood prone after  heavy rains.  Areas along Old Mohawk Road can be prone to high water.
  • The old Weyerhaeuser Railroad.  This was constructed around 1900 and ran to the town of Marcola.  It was active until the 1980s.

Old Mohawk Road is a beautiful spot to own real estate.  Buying or selling country propertyin Lane County can be a challenge, but a good realtor who is familiar with the area can be a great aid to you. If you are interested in real estate along Old Mohawk Road or other country properties in Lane County, Oregon, please contact me.  Or you can search listingshere.